Another start – Local WordPress Development

I found some really good official courses at Doing the one about building your own blocks right now.

Going to make another article as a summary for that, but first need to make note of a few things.

Something I searched for before but never found was an easy way to develop wordpress sites locally. The intro of the block course I mentioned covers it pretty well.

It gives a lot of options, but I’ll just go with the recommended ones. First, local:

It’s free. It works. It might take some tweaking (I had to switch to apache to work on Linux, had to switch the router mode to get it to work on Windows).

Then, it recommends some code editors. I already had VS Code installed. It also covers terminal applications, but just suggests using the OS specific one you already have.

Finally, it goes through node installation. This article is a reminder for myself of how to set Node up.

Going to try this one from nvm’s github:

curl -o- | bash

Will come back to let you know if it works OK (on Debian 12).

Checking back. It works, but you need to run the following command afterwards to actually install node.js:

nvm install node

That’s it for now.






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